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Before you freak out: Small Caps come as separate fonts by default, but in case you prefer to have Small Caps embedded as an OpenType-feature: just drop us an email and we'll send them (in the near future clients can customize the fonts themselves in exactly the way they want). Now, take a breath, and relax. Indeed, by default we deliver Small Caps as separate fonts. Here’s why: After a decade of experience with OpenType, our top-1 support question became: 'Hey, I bought your Pro font but you forgot to send me the small caps. Can you please send them?" After explaining the OpenType menu in applications like Photoshop and InDesign too often (“wow, never saw this”), we have to say that most users take a font with its OpenType features as it is. Default behaviour should be ‘good’, unfortunately too many people don't want to think about OpenType features at all, a font ‘should just work’. Admitting that it would be handy to have small caps embedded in a font as OT-feature, apparently the interface requires too much knowledge for many average users. Due to the poor OpenType user interfaces of most current OpenType-savvy apps, the average designer doesn’t know the menu and its huge possibilities. Some other apps can’t even access the small caps feature at all. Which means only advanced users will notify or be able to use the small caps, also because it’s still not possible to inspect a typeface on the existence of small caps in a font management app for example. Even worse, not every style within a family always comes with small caps, but how do you figure that out? For some people it's really great if small caps are embedded in a font, the majority will unfortunately totally miss the presence of small caps. That’s a pity, also because we spend a tremendous amount of time in designing them. With other words: small caps are too important to leave them only for the experts, and therefore we deliver them as separate fonts. Now they are visible in the font menu. Everybody understands how that works. In the end, build-in small caps are ideal. True. But only if the interface makes them easy to use for a large audience. We want those small cap styles to be used, and we want to create user-friendly products. With better interfaces in the future, this might change. But we are not there yet. In case you prefer to swap the fonts you've bought to fonts with small caps embedded as an OpenType-features, just drop us a line and they will be send by mail.
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