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What is a Variable Font?
1) The simplified answer: a Variable Font is a relatively new font format (2016), in which a font can contain several related fonts. Usually separated fonts like Light, Regular, Bold and Black, can be combined into 1 font file within the Variable Font format. Next to these 4 predefined weights, the user can also use any other weight in between the Light and the Black. One font file suddenly contains an unlimited amount of weights along the “weight-axis”. A Variable Font can also contain multiple axes. The same font can for example not only contain all styles from Light to Black, but at the same time also all styles from Condensed to Expanded.

In case you’ve heard that Variable Fonts is the font format of the future: not every font which has even been made will become available as a Variable Font. If a font has only a single display style, then there’s nothing to vary about. Don’t vary, be happy.

Some of our fonts are available in the Variable Font format. In case you’re interested to test these, just contact us.

2) The more complicated answer: watch this.
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