In which font format are your fonts?
Can I get the desktop fonts in TrueType format?
What about fancy OpenType features?
What is OpenType?
What is a Variable Font?
Do you sell Variable Fonts?
Where are the Small Caps?
Why can’t I activate every possible OpenType Layout Feature?
Are the fonts cross-platform compatible?
Bug in MS Office on Mac
What about Unicode?
Why are your fonts named Pro?
Why is the Glyphs palette so messy?
Report a bug
Contact in case you experience a technical problem. You don’t have to pull a ticket in a complicated system, remember super-safe-passwords or anything like that. Just mail us and we’ll try to figure it out together. Easy.


1) Make sure the fonts are correctly installed
Before you mail us, make sure you’re fonts are installed correctly. We extensively test our fonts in as many circumstances as possible. So there is very little change that there is a problem with the font software. You might actually experience a problem with a font management application. If so: install the fonts directly in your system ‘Fonts’ folder. And restart your computer. Likely your problem is solved now.

2) Send a proper report
In case you want to report a bug, please mention:
• the operating system
• the version number of the operating system
• the application(s) you’re experiencing the problem
• the version number of the application(s)
• the version number of the font software
• a list of the font styles you experience the problem with
• precise description of the problem your experiencing, and mention everything you’ve tried so far to solve the problem
• include a screenshot where things go wrong

We know that technical problems can be frustrating, but try to put your emotions aside for a moment. And just mentioning that “the fonts don’t work on my computer” does not bring us any closer to a solution for your problem.