In which font format are your fonts?
Can I get the desktop fonts in TrueType format?
What about fancy OpenType features?
What is OpenType?
What is a Variable Font?
Do you sell Variable Fonts?
Where are the Small Caps?
Why can’t I activate every possible OpenType Layout Feature?
Are the fonts cross-platform compatible?
Bug in MS Office on Mac
There are issues displaying font families in the font menu of MS Word 2011 (v14+) on Mac. This is a known, reported issue of MS Word (and other Office 2011 apps for Mac). Microsoft has promised to fix this in their next major release of MS Office for the Mac. (Hopefully this comes soon) The font menu looks messed up for families which have more than the basic 4 style-linked faces. Bold and/or Italic fonts might not appear, because MSWord turns non-style-linked fonts into style-linked fonts. So a bold or italic style (wrongly) disappears from the font menu, and is only accessible through the [B]/[I] button. So in case you look for Auto Bold Italic 1: select Auto-Regular and click the [B] & [I] button. But Auto Bold Italic 2 needs to be selected straight from the font menu, and [B] & [I] buttons need to be unchecked. And euhm… switching platforms with Office apps can cause trouble on this issue, as those [B] & [I] buttons work differently on both platforms. To be clear: our fonts are according to the specs. This is a bug in the current version of Microsoft Office for Mac (2011), which Microsoft promised to solve in their next major release.
What about Unicode?
Why are your fonts named Pro?
Why is the Glyphs palette so messy?
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