In which font format are your fonts?
Can I get the desktop fonts in TrueType format?
What about fancy OpenType features?
What is OpenType?
OpenType is a font format that has some advantages to older formats it succeeded. OpenType has 3 important aspects:

• OpenType fonts are cross-platform [same file for Windows and OSX]

• OpenType fonts can contain large character sets [no need to have a separate font for Central European accents]

• OpenType fonts can contain Layout features [like automatic ligatures or alternate figure styles for example].
What is a Variable Font?
Do you sell Variable Fonts?
Where are the Small Caps?
Why can’t I activate every possible OpenType Layout Feature?
Are the fonts cross-platform compatible?
Bug in MS Office on Mac
What about Unicode?
Why are your fonts named Pro?
Why is the Glyphs palette so messy?
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