In which font format are your fonts?
Can I get the desktop fonts in TrueType format?
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What is a Variable Font?
Do you sell Variable Fonts?
Where are the Small Caps?
Why can’t I activate every possible OpenType Layout Feature?
Are the fonts cross-platform compatible?
Bug in MS Office on Mac
What about Unicode?
Our fonts do not contain any style-linking by default. We chose for this approach to optimise the fonts for a design workspace and to improve cross-platform compatibility. This means that in applications which use the ‘Bold’ and ‘Italic’ buttons, you need to select every style through the font menu instead of clicking [B] and [I].

Although we are aware that style-linked fonts can be useful in office environments – where applications like MS Word are used frequently – most of our font families are not suitable for the drastic grid of 4 connected styles. Because we want to keep our library consistent, we decided not to implement style-linking.

If you’re in the situation that the lack of style-links is problematic, contact us to see if we can provide a custom solution.
Why are your fonts named Pro?
Why is the Glyphs palette so messy?
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