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Which licensing models do you offer?
Can I embed the fonts?
Can I use your fonts in email campaigns?
Yes, you can use our fonts in email campaigns, so you'll have a univocal typographic voice across all of your communications. Our Webfont license also allows for usage within email campaigns. Every opened email counts as a single pageview. So in case you have licensed 5 million pageviews/month, this license should cover both the website traffic combined with the opened emails. You can upgrade your Webfont license to accomodate additional pageviews for email campaigns in your personal account, or contact us so we work it out together. Remember we make things easy: our Webfont license is always a one-time fee, a single payment without repeating subscription costs.
Do I need an embedding license to send a PDF to the printer?
Do you offer educational discounts?
Are your licenses based on an annual fee?
Do you offer fonts for mobile apps?
Do you offer fonts for eBooks?
Can I use your fonts in a logo or a product which I sell?
Can I share my license?
Can I buy a font for my client?
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