licensing info
Which licensing models do you offer?
Can I embed the fonts?
Well… embedding is such a broad term, this cannot be answered in general. The ignorant answer however would be: No. Our desktop- and webfonts licenses don’t allow embedding of the fonts into documents, PDF’s or applications. We offer separate embedding licenses, fitting each occasion: eBook embedding license, Game embedding license, Product embedding license and Document embedding license. So in short: a separate license is needed before you can embed our fonts.
Can I use your fonts in email campaigns?
Do I need an embedding license to send a PDF to the printer?
Do you offer educational discounts?
Are your licenses based on an annual fee?
Do you offer fonts for mobile apps?
Do you offer fonts for eBooks?
Can I use your fonts in a logo or a product which I sell?
Can I share my license?
Can I buy a font for my client?
I’ve got euhm, a, euhm, complicated licensing question