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Which licensing models do you offer?
Can I embed the fonts?
Do I need an embedding license to send a PDF to the printer?
Can I use your fonts in email campaigns?
Do you offer educational discounts?
Are your licenses based on an annual fee?
Can I install Adobe Fonts on my own server?
Do you offer fonts for mobile apps?
Do you offer fonts for eBooks?
Can I use your fonts in a logo or a product which I sell?
Can I share my license?
A license is always limited to 1 entity (company or organisation or individual). This means other companies cannot use that same license, also not when they work for the same client.

If a design agency creates a corporate identity for their client, let’s say a dentist, then that dentist would need its own license to use the fonts in his invoices.

Another example: if an agency asks an external freelancer or other agency to work on a certain project, that other agency or freelancer needs to have their own license for the fonts they are working with. If a certain advertisement campaign is created with (one of) our fonts, and multiple companies create work (print ads, tv commercials, web games, etc) for this campaign, then every company needs to buy their own license for the font(s).

You cannot share a license with other parties. You may also not send the fonts you licensed to other companies or people. Every entity needs to have their own license, and needs to buy the fonts if they use the fonts.
Can I buy a font for my client?
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