licensing info
Which licensing models do you offer?
Can I embed the fonts?
Do I need an embedding license to send a PDF to the printer?
Can I use your fonts in email campaigns?
Do you offer educational discounts?
Are your licenses based on an annual fee?
Can I install Adobe Fonts on my own server?
Our fonts are available for Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) customers within their CC subscription. This means that our fonts come as part of the Adobe applications, and can be used within those applications only. The Adobe Fonts will always remain on the Adobe server. This means that you can’t self-host Adobe Fonts on your own server. Read Adobe’s policy about this for more info.

In case you only have an Adobe CC subscription, but also would like to use our fonts outside of Adobe’s applications or Adobe’s servers, you need to obtain an additional, correct license directly from our website.
Do you offer fonts for mobile apps?
Do you offer fonts for eBooks?
Can I use your fonts in a logo or a product which I sell?
Can I share my license?
Can I buy a font for my client?
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