licensing info
Which licensing models do you offer?
Can I embed the fonts?
Can I use your fonts in email campaigns?
Do I need an embedding license to send a PDF to the printer?
Do you offer educational discounts?
Are your licenses based on an annual fee?
Do you offer fonts for mobile apps?
Do you offer fonts for eBooks?
Can I use your fonts in a logo or a product which I sell?
Can I share my license?
Can I buy a font for my client?
Fonts in our shop can only be bought by the end-user (licensee) directly. The license is on the same name as the one who pays. So, if you use a PayPal account for example, the license holder will be the same as the PayPal account holder. This means you cannot buy a font for somebody else. Only the end-user can buy fonts in our webshop.

For example: if a design agency for example creates a corporate identity for their client, and their client wants to install our fonts on their computers for correspondence, the design agency needs to buy their own license, and the client needs to buy their own license themselves through our webshop. The design agency cannot buy a bigger license, and then ‘share’ their license with their client. Licenses are always bound to a company, and cannot be shared with other companies.

Another example: you cannot buy our fonts in our webshop for further resale. If you buy our fonts, you agree to the licensing terms. You cannot buy fonts on behalf of somebody else. Only end-users can buy fonts in our webshop.

In case you want to buy a license for your client, and want to save your client from the “hassle” of buying fonts, just email us with all info and we work it out together. If any assistance is needed with buying our fonts, we are ready to help you. Just contact us.
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