I just started. Do you have any tips for me?
Four years ago I was full of ideas and ambition, but now I’m stuck. What should I do?
I wanna be a type designer too. What skills do I need?
I want to learn more about making type. What should I do?
I’m a poor student. Can I get your fonts for free?
What is Underware’s Educational License Agreement?
Dudes, what’s your motto?
You rock! I definitely want to do my internship at Underware
We don’t have interns. We have 3 studio’s in 3 different cities (Den Haag, Amsterdam, Helsinki). Each studio is mainly equipped with one person, but sometimes one person works at one of the other studios for a while. Sometimes we are teaching on different art academies. So there are days a studio isn’t equipped at all. Next to this, working on a typeface can be lots of production work, which is hard to explain to somebody who doesn’t have so much experience with making, designing and producing typefaces. It totally depends on which moment you would arrive here. Because we are so unorganized, and don’t always have a regular continuity in every the studio, it’s impossible to fit another person into it. We had some interns in the past, and it turned out to be fairly difficult to have a satisfying internship at Underware. That’s just because of our way of working. So, we’re sorry, but it’s not possible for you to join as an intern.
So you’re only three people?
Who does what at Underware?
Which books should I read to know more about type?
What do you think about illegal fonts?
Can I remix your font?
When is a project finished at Underware?
Can you explain the differences between the 3 italics of Auto?
What is your future plan regarding type design?
What makes a typeface a classic?