I just started. Do you have any tips for me?
• Think big.
• It’s okay to be ambitious, but stay relaxed.
• Pulverize your heroes.
• There is always more than one solution for a problem.
• Other people have knowledge you don’t have. Ask them. Age doesn't matter.
• Have fun. Just enjoy what you are doing.
• Take care of people surrounding you.
• Two people can do more than one.
• Surprise yourself, try new unexplored ways.
• Be better than last time.
• Make sure you are relevant.
• Be critical.
• Invest. Spend money.
Four years ago I was full of ideas and ambition, but now I’m stuck. What should I do?
I wanna be a type designer too. What skills do I need?
I want to learn more about making type. What should I do?
I’m a poor student. Can I get your fonts for free?
What is Underware’s Educational License Agreement?
Dudes, what’s your motto?
You rock! I definitely want to do my internship at Underware
So you’re only three people?
Who does what at Underware?
Which books should I read to know more about type?
What do you think about illegal fonts?
Can I remix your font?
When is a project finished at Underware?
Can you explain the differences between the 3 italics of Auto?
What is your future plan regarding type design?
What makes a typeface a classic?