I just started. Do you have any tips for me?
Four years ago I was full of ideas and ambition, but now I’m stuck. What should I do?
I wanna be a type designer too. What skills do I need?
I want to learn more about making type. What should I do?
For those who want to learn to design type:

You can learn from tons of online resources these days, lucky bastards (like our type-basics on You can read dozens of good books on type, there are many good books available.

But the most precious treat is time for practicing. Quit the internet, shut down your computer, switch off your phone, put your books back to the shelf. Silence and concentration. Get paper and some tools (pencils, pens, whatever), and start sketching, drawing, writing. It’s the best way to learn and discover your own direction. Do it.
I’m a poor student. Can I get your fonts for free?
What is Underware’s Educational License Agreement?
Dudes, what’s your motto?
You rock! I definitely want to do my internship at Underware
So you’re only three people?
Who does what at Underware?
Which books should I read to know more about type?
What do you think about illegal fonts?
Can I remix your font?
When is a project finished at Underware?
Can you explain the differences between the 3 italics of Auto?
What is your future plan regarding type design?
What makes a typeface a classic?