Plakato One Two
A two colored COLRv1 OT font with variable paint tables



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Plakato One Two is Underware’s first COLRv1 typeface with variable paint tables: the next big thing in the variable font world. While OpenType 1.8 (aka variable fonts) introduced variable contours and glyph metrics to digital fonts, OpenType 1.9 (aka COLRv1) added extra power and ease of use. For example, a glyph rotation in OpenType 1.8 required HOI (Higher Order Interpolation); with OpenType 1.9, we can now simply use the new variable rotation paint table.

Additionally, COLRv1 provides a new perspective on the inside of a glyph and how the users themselves can modify this. Plakakato One Two is a relatively simple and small 24 kb truetype font file (as woff2 even only 7kb), consisting of just two stacked 4-point gradients (of which the inner 2 are variable). However, it already creates an unexpectedly large variety of possible styles. Just try yourself: the artist is you. And therefore, we see Plakato One Two not only as a COLRv1 OT font but also as a grammatographic writing instrument. It makes letter shapes possible, beyond what the designers of the letters (us) could foresee.

Thank you, Peter Constable, Behdad Esfahbod, Laurence Penney, Dominik Röttsches, Adam Twardoch, and Ben Wagner, for their tremendous support in making Plakato One Two possible.

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