Plakato Moiré
A COLRv1 OT font with variable moiré paint tables



font size



grid X  X = Y

grid Y

Plakato Moire is a COLRv1 OT font with variable paint tables, which connects cutting-edge digital technology (variable COLRv1 paint tables) with classic manual phenomena (moiré). While COLRv1 is still fully developed, moiré's origins date back to the era of Ancient Egypt. A period during which similar effects were found by layering thin strips of cotton cloth and linen and observed on papyrus.

Plakato Moiré introduces this method in the digital realm of variable OpenType fonts. By carefully limiting the variability of the font to the essential parameters of moiré — color, grid size, and layer rotation — Plakato Moiré wants to provide maximum possibilties with a minimal set of parameters. Just try yourself: the artist is you.

Thank you, Peter Constable, Behdad Esfahbod, Laurence Penney, Dominik Röttsches, Adam Twardoch, and Ben Wagner, for their tremendous support in making Plakato Moiré possible.

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