Plakato comes in 16 eye-catching styles. The default stencil style comes in Regular & Italic. They both have 2 variations: one version, named Plakato Stencil, automatically creates borders around the text, putting any text into a graphic stencil in this way. Another version, the extruded three-dimensional version, guarantees even more attention for your message.

Next to this there is also the Inline version, which is an optical play with a lot of lines. Plakato Inline has a supportive background layer, a separate font in case you want to add a background in a different colour.

Then there is Plakato Paper, a manually teared version of Plakato offering a more physical look. This small family of eye-catching display fonts also contains a Neon font, an independent design in Plakato style, which can actually be used for making neon signs due to its construction. Plakato Neon comes with its own Dingbat font for that extra flush-flush. Plakato has also been redrawn on a C64, and with all its accompanying limitations been ported back and turned into a font: Plakato Game. Also this font comes with its own Dingbat font, full of emoji’s and icons for oldskool pleasure.

Last but not least there is Plakato Build, constructed out of blocks. As if that wasn’t enough, there are various dynamic versions in the Plakato Play package, which offer a whole new range of possibilities for typographic expression, with new animation and interaction opportunities.