Do you offer your fonts as webfonts?
How do I choose between self hosting or a hosted service?
Geeh, isn’t self-hosting complicated?
Installing Webfonts for Dummies
I might actually prefer a hosted service. Possible?
Can I use a third-party tool to convert your desktop fonts into webfont formats?
Which font formats do you deliver for webfonts?
Which browser uses which format?
Which syntax do you use for your webfonts?
I need the desktop fonts to design my website. Can you please send them?
What is included when I buy webfonts?
If you buy webfonts through our webshop, you’ll receive an email with a download link. This links to your order-page where you can:
• download your fonts
• download your invoice
• download your license
• link to a free Typekit-voucher (activating the fonts on Typekit = optionally)
• download goodies (for example PDF’s)
• view your order history

The downloaded font package contains:
• Every font you bought in 5 different formats (.eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff, woff2)

• _UnderwareWebfontsKit.css

• demopage.html
HTML sample with short sample text in more than 30 different languages
Select one of the 35 languages to quickly preview the font in a browser with this demo file.

What is the difference between webfonts and @font-face?