Can I try your fonts?
Of course it ain’t always easy to choose a typeface online, but we do our best to make it as comfortable as possible for you. There are a couple of options to help you out.

First of all, every typeface has an advanced online tester, which allows you to set your own custom text in any of our fonts, at your preferred size. That’s totally free, and offers previews of the desktop- as well as webfonts, with support for those fancy OpenType features.

Next to that, every type family has extravaganza PDF’s which you can download, preview and print.

But if that ain’t sufficient, you can always buy a single style of a typeface, and upgrade later to a larger package if you want. Single fonts are cheap. (The money you spend on a single font will be deducted in case you decide later on to upgrade to a family package)
Can I test before I buy?