How much does a font cost?
There isn’t something as 'one price’ for a typeface. The price depends on the way you want to use a font. The smaller the volume, the lower the price. The smaller the amount of environments (desktop, web, app, ebook, etc), the lower the price.

Next to that: you get a lot of discount if you buy font packages instead of multiple single fonts. For example: Zeitung complete package contains 24 fonts, and doesn’t cost € 1280,– but only € 400,– (for a single-user license). That’s 69% bundle-discount.

Just select your desired amount of users and/or pageviews in our webshop, and you’ll automatically see the price of the fonts there.

Alternatively, take a look at Underware Font Prices PDF for a comprehensive list of desktop and webfont price tags.

Please note that most of our licensing models are one-time fees. Pay-as-you-go. No subscriptions, you don't have any annual financial obligations.