How do I install fonts on Mac OSX?
How do I install fonts on Windows?
How do I install fonts on my phone?
Wow, you want to personalize your phone or tablet? Installing fonts on mobile devices is slowly progressing, but still very different from installing fonts on desktop computers. The downloading of additional apps is always required, which causes a practical barrier for using fonts on mobile devices. In practice most people accept these limitations, and stick to the usage of webfonts on the websites you visit and the fonts that come with apps you have installed.

However, if you’re curious: on iOS devices you can download apps that install fonts from the App Store. See Install and manage fonts on iPhone. On Android devices installing fonts varies, and depends on the device maker. Some companies (Samsung, HTC and LG) have additional fonts pre-installed, and/or have restricted the usage of third-party apps for font installation. You might want to search the internet for up-to-date tips and tricks that fit your device.

If you’re an app developer: bundling fonts with your app is easy-peasy, but that’s something different than personalized font installation of course. Our fonts can be licensed for usage in mobile apps, just contact us if you’re interested in this.
Installing a new version of the same font?