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Folkspraak (FS) is an International Auxiliary Language that is currently in development. It is intended to serve as a lingua-franca for communication with speakers of Germanic languages and it is based on features common to the major modern Germanic languages.
The project is intended to be a co-operative and democratic effort by a group of people who currently meet on a Yahoo group. The project to develop Folkspraak has yet to be completed and it is beset with disagreements over such features as phonology, orthography, vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The failure to reach agreement means that there is currently no 'official' form of Folkspraak and there are a number of 'dialects', which are individual group members´ versions of how they think the language should be.
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Ar nit en kokuk, ef du ar en natsingar!Ar nit en natsingar er en flufangar, ef du ar en hund! Dok al man kan make en ton. Vi ar Underware.

translation kindly provided by Christian Fenris