Zeitung is a sans serif family which also works well on small sizes on screen.

First of all: Zeitung is a sans serif made according to contemporary standards: 8 weights, romans and italics, all equipped with small caps. Lots of OpenType features, like uppercase punctuation or 5 figure styles to make sure any of your mathematical or financial charts, tables and diagrams look cool. Did we mention the extensive Latin Plus language support already? Now we did.

Zeitung’s typographic palette focuses on utility and legibility, but in the farthest corners you’ll discover a rich array of flavours: punchy black weights, fashionable thin styles, carefully hand crafted true italics, distinct small caps.

But Zeitung has more to offer. Its optical sizes offer the best style for each size of your text. Next to that: the lightest weights also function as grades, because they share the same metrics. This can be very handy for selecting the optimal weight for your specific situation, especially on screens or when type is printed by a newspaper press.