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Download Zeitung Flex™

Zeitung Flex™
Zeitung Flex™ allows demanding users to work with more than just those predefined styles of Zeitung’s retail font family. You can enjoy an array of almost endless amount of weights, smoothly blending from Thin to Black. Select and use any intermediate style, either one at a time, or all mixed simultaneously. This freedom offers new creative possibilities, no matter if you're designing for print or web.

The Zeitung Flex™ package contains the brand new OpenType variable fonts, Flex™ fonts and a CC-extension. After installing the extension, you are ready to use Variable fonts in InDesign & Illustrator. Once variable fonts are officially supported by Adobe, it will be possible to switch between OpenType variable fonts & Flex™ fonts within the extension.

With the help of CC-Extensions you can easily apply and combine any style between Thin and Black. This can be handy for selecting just a single, but exactly the right grade of text for your next project. The required grade might depend on your printing process, or maybe you want to match its weight exactly to that of another font you’re pairing it Zeitung with. Or this extension allows you to apply some of those fancy effects using all styles from Thin to Black on a line, paragraph or complete document.

No coding skills? Still want to experiment with typography? The Zeitung Flex extension also offers typographic effects. Just one button, click, go.

Depending on your pointsize, the Flex extension automatically applies the correct optical size (Micro or Standard). Optical size is not something you want to worry about yourself, it’s an issue “the system” preferably should take care of automatically. This Flex extension can become the best friend for designers which are hard to please.

While creating your personal “Zeitung Variable Family”, a related Light and Bold weight are automatically calculated once you pick your preferred Regular style. The Light weight should change to make it fit to that specific Regular style you’ve selected. So if you modify the weight of the Regular style, the weight of the Light and Bold style will also change along. They are linked to eachother. No complex math for the end user, the CC-extension will automatically create correct paragraph styles based on your personal preference. One click and go.

Grade optimization
Zeitung’s predefined 8 weights are in most cases sufficient, but there can be situations where even more subtle weight justifications are required. For example, the newspaper printing process has many factors that influence the appearance of the final printed text. Exactly the same technical font weight can give different results if other factors like ink and paper vary. In such a case, only real life grade testing shows the best weight setup for the font family. Define as many weight setups with Zeitung Flex as you like, make tests and select the best option. As with printing press & paper, the same rules apply for the combination of screens & software (while making that interface for your new app for example). Pick exactly the right grade, without any reflow of your layout in the lightest weights. Relax, go Flex.

Demanding users can order the Zeitung Expert package, and receive:
▶ Zeitung OpenType variable font
▶ Zeitung Flex™ fonts
▶ CC-extension for InDesign and Illustrator