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Activate Ligatures & Contextual Alternates
For all Tripper fonts: make sure “Ligatures” and “Contextual Alternates” are activated. All the automatic magic in the Tripper fonts depends on these 2 OpenType features.

Everything which should go automatically, goes automatically (alternates, beginnings, endings, etc). The connoisseurs who like to use OpenType features, can find their preferred options here:

Localized Forms
Tripper knows how to speak over 200 Latin languages, and even knows all the local preferences. If you tell your application that your text is set Romanian, it will follow the local preference of Scommaaccent instead of Scedilla. In Dutch, Tripper automatically converts your i+j into ij, and even creates ij-acute if you need it.

Fractions (Numerators & Denominators)
Okay, you know what you are doing. You want to make real fractions. Tripper is your friend.

Superiors & Inferiors
Ever thought a rock-hard sturdy display font would come with superiors & inferiors for the finer points in typography? Yep, Tripper will help you out.

Figure styles
Tripper comes with 4 figure styles. Lining & Oldstyle figures (both proportional) and Tabular Lining & Tabular Oldstyle figures. You never know when you might need them. You don’t want to grind your teeth, you want to be armed to the teeth.

Case-Sensitive Forms
As soon as you turn your text into ALL CAPITALS, Tripper will automatically adjust all punctuation marks to fit better with your text.

Discretionary Ligatures
Tripper is equipped with lots of arrows, in many different forms. Tripper Ornaments contains all of them in one font. However, every other style of Tripper comes with arrows in a weight which fits to the rest of the text. They all have their correct Unicode, so setting an existing text which contains arrows in Tripper will automatically turn your arrows into matching arrows. You can also catch your arrow in the glyph palette of your application. But if both of these are too complicated, there is a third option: Type “hyphen”, followed by “greater” and activate Discretionary Ligatures to turn these two characters into a nice arrow. There are 4 combinations for arrows in different directions. Additionally, typing (c) will give you a real copyright sign: ©

Stylistic Set 01: Numero Substitution
Type capital “N”, followed by “degree” (°) or ordmasculine (º), and activate stylistic set 01 to turn these two characters into a nicely designed Numero character (unicode 2116). {This is actually a default feature in all Underware fonts}

Stylistic Set 02: Inline Cap Accents
For those occasions when you don’t have enough space to put all those crazy accents, Stylistic Set 02 might help you out. Activation will lower the height of the accents on capitals, making sure the accents do not exceed the capital height. Works for all capitals with ring- () and dieresis- (¨) accents. If you observe the design of these special capitals, you’ll notice subtle differences between the various weights. In some weights the dots of the dieresis are centered on the inside of a character, while in another weight you will find them on the outside. Yes, these rarely used characters for the connoisseurs have a well-considered design.

Stylistic Set 03: Alternates
One of the most beloved character for typophiles, the ampersand, comes with an alternate shape. Activate Stylistic Set 03 (or Stylistic Alternates in applications like Illustrator which don’t support Stylistic Sets) to cheer up your design with a different ampersand.

Stylistic Set 04 & 05: Beginnings and Endings
Tripper Rough only; this is a testing feature. Tripper Rough has a nice feature to give a manual look to your text, by wrapping some extra sprays around your text. Beginnings and endings are automatically inserted if you enter 2 spaces in front, or after a word. Once you add a double space this happens automatically, because Contextual Alternates is activated by default. However, if you want to test only this specific feature you can deactivate Contextual Alternates and activate Stylistic Set 04 & 05

Stylistic Set 06: Rotator
Tripper Rough only; this is a testing feature. If the same character is repeated, it will show up in an alternate shape to achieve that random look. This happens automatically, because Contextual Alternates are activated by default. However, if you want to test only this feature you can deactivate Contextual Alternates and activate Stylistic Set 06

Stylistic Set 07: Grunge
Tripper Rough only; stylistic Set 07 (aka Grunge) will swing all characters around and randomise their spacing. Whoppa, makes those letters dance.

Stylistic Set 08: Super Grunge
Tripper Rough only; stylistic Set 08 (aka Super Grunge) is like stylistic set 7, but then more extreme.

Stylistic Set 09: Ultra Grunge
Tripper Rough only; stylistic Set 09 (aka Ultra Grunge) is like stylistic set 8, but then even more extreme

Bonus: combine Stylistic Sets
Grunge + Super grunge + Ultra Grunge = Hyper grunge! Now comes the fun part, you can activate these stylistic sets simultaneously and gain hyper grunge level. You can activate only stylistic set 7 (Grunge), or combine that with 8 (Super grunge), or combine all three at the same moment. The usage of this combination is however very limited, and not recommended for amateurs. Don’t try this at home!

Stylistic Alternates
This feature is a combination of Stylistic Set 02 & 03. In case you want to have Inline Accents or an alternative shape for the ampersand, use this.