Scribo is the most intelligent handwriting font we can imagine. Scribo is a handwriting style in which the shape of every letter depends on its context. This bicameral style is supported by a Caps font, in case you need to set a word entirely in capitals. Additionally, Scribo comes with an Ornament font for the extra manual touch and individual soul by offering lots of arrows, strokes, scribbles and dingbats.

These three styles (Regular, Caps, Ornaments) have been created with five different tools: the default, smooth style is written with a marker; the Rough style, which has worn edges, is written with a pencil; the Ink style has dripping ink all over; the Brush style has been made with a flat brush, obviously; and the Brush XL style has also been made with a flat brush, but that brush was larger in size so the end result is meant to be used in very large sizes. (yes, these are optical sizes for Brush fonts!)

Fifteen fonts all together to write because you are.