Typography is a visual medium. What happens if you translate a visual medium to an audio-format? Does it bring new perspectives again for visually orientated people? Is it possible at all to transform typography, the subject itself and related areas, to a non-visual medium? What are the consequences?

Together with Donald Beekman & Liza Enebeis, we set up the radio channel Typeradio in 2004 to explore these thoughts. The radio channel might sometimes broadcast live, locally through a FM-frequency, and world-wide through in internet-stream. However, the archive is available for podcasting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than 400 epidoses, all for free. Next to these radio broadcasts – mostly interviews – Typeradio initiates Dark-talk (series of design lectures in total darkness), presents surprising live shows on stage with dazzling guests, and initiates educational activities.

Type is speech on paper,
Typeradio is speech on type

Now we are talking


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