Tripper is a rock-hard display font family. The six styles – from Light to Black – of this robust stencil typeface will assure your text grabs all the attention it can get. Instead of settings large amount of texts, just use this font for a small amount of words. Or even better: just one word. But most importantly: make it really, really, really big.

The lightest weight is pretty condensed, and slowly expands when the weight increases. The bridges – essential to a stencil font – have the same width across all styles, so you can safely apply all styles in the same size without the risk of stencils falling apart. Due to the absence of curves throughout the whole family, Tripper is suitable for more limited, industrial applications too.

Tripper comes in several flavours. Next to the basic flavour, there is a stencil family which automatically creates borders around every letter, word or line. Then there is Tripper Rough, a textured version with that intelligent random, grungy look. Together with the previously released multi-colour font Tripper Tricolor, the complete family consists of 24 styles. In summer 2015 an additional flavour will follow: Tripper Rounded.

Tripper is equipped with a bunch of OpenType features, like different figure styles, fractions, superiors, etcetera, etcetera. But if all the OpenType ding-dong is not enough for you, just try the ornaments. The separate ornament font comes with icons, indicators, manicules, banderoles and patterns. Enough to play around with for the rest of the year.