Custom typeface for Stockmann

Established in 1862 by Georg Franz Stockmann, Scandinavia’s largest department store celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. For this sesquicentennial occasion Stockmann commissioned Underware to design an exclusive custom font family to strengthen their brand and unify their visual looks. With a little touch of glamour and jolly luxury so to speak.

Because the custom type family is applied in all marketing materials and in all department stores throughout Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, Stockmann Sans is seriously being put to work. From window letterings to magazines, from carpets to signages and price labels, across their websites and mobile shops.

This geometric sans serif, which goes hand in hand with Stockmann's logotype, has of course some handy OpenType features which make the typographic palette even more practical and versatile. Blimey!

Made in collaboration with Kokoro & Moi.

Don’t even ask: Stockmann Sans is not available for licensing.

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