Mr Porter's handwriting

For the men's luxury-goods webshop, Mr Porter, we developed a custom typeface which reflects Mr Porter's handwriting.

We tried to make him as human as possible, not only being different all the time, but also including obvious shortcomings. Funny enough it takes a highly intelligent font to have fully controlled imperfections. The result is a single typeface with a strong relation between the glyph set (which characters should be in the font) and the way these glyphs work together.

Mr Porter travelled a lot, oh boy. He travelled all over the world, and meanwhile speaks over 200 languages. But maybe Mr Porter would have been even more human if we would have implemented deliberate spelling mistakes in tough languages like Finnish or Hungarian. From that perspective Mr Porter is a super human, with a gift for linguistics.

This typeface is exclusively licensed to Mr. Porter and is not available for retail sale.

Commissioned by Saturday.

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