Latest News: Zeitung is now also published in responsive Variable ASCII (including marquee).
 ASCII Powered
DEN HAAG ➽ Good news! Underware released a new font: Zeitung. And this is good news for all kinds of people. Type lovers will have their day made when they look at that lowercase e in the Black weight, and will be happy there is a new style to bring their message across. Designers will appreciate the versatility of this extensive sans serif font family and its thorough execution, and all it’s features. If 8 weights and 5 figure styles are not enough, then maybe optical sizes or grades will meet the demands. Zeitung will help to bring your message across in many different circumstances, from large text in print to small type on screens. The most demanding users, the pioneers, the ultras, the geeks, and all those others who don’t take things for granted, will be happy to meet and greet Zeitung Flex™. With its almost endless amount of weights, Zeitung Flex™ takes you anywhere between Thin and Black. Either in case only one, but exactly that specific weight is needed, or when all weights should play a whole new game together. This game can be played not just somewhere in the future, but already today, on everybody’s computer.
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From left to right: Bas Jacobs, Sami Kortemäki & Akiem Helmling. (Illustration by Pietari Posti)